Thursday, October 13, 2011


I read a great blog this week discussing walkasana at

For months I have seen the entrance to what I imagined to be a beautiful walk. So, today with no plans I decided to take myself off for some walkasana.

I parked my car and I walked the most beautiful path from the corner of South Creek Road & Rose Avenue to the beginning of Narrabeen Lake. It was beautiful, relaxing, quiet and still.  To begin with my mind was racing, then moments of quiet, and eventually less racing and more quiet. I saw cyclists, walkers, runners & cute little birds.

For some reason, I don't go for walks much anymore.

Well today changed that. It was literally "a breath of fresh air".

Do you walk much?


  1. Hi Sara.
    Isnt it wonderful to have a walk on your own sometimes to just let your mind wander and leave all those thoughts of how to fit everything into your daily life. Enjoy. Lee

  2. Hi Lee,

    Great to hear from you, it was such a relaxing morning.

    When are you back?

    Can you please email us as I can't seem to find your blog or email.