Monday, February 28, 2011

Yoga for Kids - Stillness

On the weekend I did a 20 hour "Yoga Teacher Training Course for Kids".

I love teaching Yoga to adults as I can share with them the amazing benefits of Yoga. Yoga is still around after thousands of years for a reason, IT WORKS. It works on your mind, body and spirit. It releases tension, it makes your body feel alive and it gives you energy to go forward into the rest of your life with some clarity and peace. And goodness knows, dont we need that!

However, teaching kids as I learned this weekend is completely different. Its an entirely different set up, lesson plan, props are suggested (from small balls, little windmills, colouring in, self-esteem tools etc) games are included and sweet little relaxation ideas.

What I came away with is a real need to offer Yoga to kids. Many have a busy schedule (mine included) and as a result they often cant relax and get a sense of calm or stillness. When we have that, we can make better decisions and we can sail the seas of life alot more smoothly.

Tonight I did some of my new material with my kids. Yes, they enjoyed it and so did I.


Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentines Day Class

Valentines Day is approaching. I was thinking about this day today and I wondered to myself, why is it so that we love others so much (and so publicly) and sometimes leave so little for ourselves (Mum's especially, yes you know its true).

I think that Yoga is onto something when it puts kindness (Ahimsa) first, in its set of guideposts for life. Its such a badge of honour these days to run around after others, yes sure, yes no problem. Its nice that we all like to help each other out, but I think that some are crying out for a little kindness to be shown to them. 

So stop. Think. Ponder. What can you do today to show a little love and kindness to yourself? A nap, a long bath, a walk and coffee, just something simple. I would love to hear your thoughts.

I think that for my Monday Class I am going to consider bringing the theme of love and kindness to the practice. Hmmm, how will she do that? Come and find out. 

Monday: 9.30am to 10.30am. See you there. 


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Teaching Yoga

On Monday I taught my first public class. It was daunting and I was nervous, but it was that kind of scary nervous.

That morning I got up at 6am and rolled my mat out. I did the class I was going to teach, on my own in the family room surrounded by Thomas the Tank Engine and Car's Cars till 7am.

The key for me that day was preparation. I made sure it all flowed smoothly and that I felt comfortable and of course, all limbered up myself. Afterall, the class a Yoga Teacher teaches isn't an opportunity to do their own yoga, they are there to teach.

Which I did, even if their was only 1 person. Thanks Tania!